About i Fashion

i Fashion it's a blog created to share my taste and love about fashion with all those girls who alse love fashion as well.

We know that fashion it's a mass taste impose or adquire, the one it's contantly changing every season; therefore, something that we need to have in mind its that: the importance it's not follow fashion but to have style!

What matter about beign a faithful fashion lover it's not finding our own self, but creating and reinventing our self every moment and that's something we can do through fashion every day.
Remember there is always something to wear.

i Fashion es un blog creado para compartir mi gusto y amor por la moda con todas aquellas chicas amantes de la moda. 

Sabemos que la moda es un gusto masivo impuesto o adqurido, la cual constantente cambia cada temporada; por eso, algo que debemos recoradar es que: lo importante no es seguir moda si no tener estilo!

Lo importante de se un amante de fiel de la moda no es encontrarnos a nosotros mismo, sino crearnos y reinventarnos a cada momento y esto es algo que a traves de la moda pordemos hacer todos los dias.
Recuender que siempre hay algo que ponerse.
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