Sunday, May 15, 2011

H&M Swimwear Collection 2011

Hey girls! Well today I woke up and it's really hot, so I called my boyfriend Leo to invite him to the pool. But I while I was looking for a swinsuit I realized I need it to update my closet with some new ones. And  since summer it's arround the conner it's not a bad idea at all, so I went to look for H&M swimwear collection, and here is what I found:

Thong for only $12.95 US
Bikini Top for only $14.99 US

Bikini Top for only $14.99 US

Thong for only $12.95 US

Girsl as you can see the price it's verry accessible and the best of all are the designs and colors, so go get yours. You obviously can find a lot more designs at the official website. I already ordored these two online, I did it this way because we don't have nd H&M Store here in Mexico yet ( yeah I know it's real sad)  and the way I always buy this trend is online or while I visit my relatives in USA, but hopefully we'll have the firts store by the end of this year, I am really excited and I can't wait!!!  Well girls I have to go, my boyfriend it's waiting for me to go swimming. Have a great day, and remember that there is always something to wear! xoxo  :)



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